Succesfull exhibition from the Bearwoman in gallery De 13e maand

The solo-exhibition from the Bearwoman in oktober 2015 in gallery De 13e maand was a succes! The exhibition was opened by Monty Middelkoop in a spontanious, improvised way with a lot of different instruments. A lot of people visited the exhibition and were very enthousiastic! There was also an interesting  artisttalk with Diane Frenay ( artistic interventions)  and the bearwoman.

Solo-exhibition in gallery Mjolkurbudin

The Bearwoman had a wonderful solo-exhibition in september 2014 in gallery Mjolkurbudin, Akureyri, Iceland

The last weekend of the exhibition there was a “Bearwoman” Performance the Bearwoman did that together with Anna Eleonore Olsen an artist from Greenland.


Icelandic countryside

From may til the beginning of September 2014 the Bearwoman was painting on the Icelandic countryside 11 km from Akureyri in North-Iceland. On her blog the Bearwoman writes in Dutch about the strange and special life there.